The President’s Daughter by Annette Broadrick


Title: The President’s Daughter

Author: Annette Broadrick

Published: January 28th 1999, Silhouette Books

Edition: ebook, 256 pages

Genre: Romance

Age group: Adult

Rating:  ★ ★ ★ ★

The President's Daughter


Ashley Sullivan, the President’s daughter, is used to agents following her every move, protecting her from any possible danger. She’s learned to ignore their presence and tries to keep her life appear as normal as it could be. Ashley feels her life to resemble that inside a fishbowl, she can’t really have a boyfriend who would bear the constant watching and there are only a few true friends that she has.

With Christmas approaching, Ashley hopes to spend it, finally without any guards, with her friends skiing in Colorado. Her parents and two younger brothers are planning to spend holidays on a yacht in Mexico, and the President actually lets her go on vacation with friends, but two agents would still have to follow her there. It’s not Ashley’s idea of a perfect vacation, but if she’s okay with one of her agents, Ron Stevenson, going, it’s Special Agent Nick Logan who she can’t stand. He is just too strict and serious, but at the same time a very appealing man, the fact Ashley tries to forget.

Nick Logan is a professional, he would follow his duties no matter what, but working for the President’s daughter turns out to be a real testament for him. He knows that he’s attracted to her from the moment they meet, but any further development of these feelings is out of the question. Besides, Ashley seems to hate his tough interior and loyalty to his job, and Nick on his part wouldn’t let her ruin his self-control.

The vacation, which started quite normal, is abruptly ended when the President’s family goes missing, assumingly kidnapped. It’s a growing suspicion for Nick, that someone within the President’s circle might stand behind all of this.

Not knowing who to trust now, Nick takes the matter of finding the first family and protecting Ashley into his own hands. Having to spend so much time together, they learn more about each other and the initial attraction they had towards each other in the beginning, now grows into a deep and real feeling. And while Nick is unsure of any possibilities of their romance to survive after everything is back to normal, Ashley is intent on breaking all his walls and fighting for their future together.

It’s a book I picked absolutely randomly while looking for a short and uncomplicated romantic story to get by on my day off. There’s nothing other than a good romance to help me relax and enjoy a story.

To be honest, in the beginning I was disappointed with the book, though. It started very slow and for approximately half of it there was very little character depicting and development. It looked as the author’s overly prolonged introduction to the real plot, because once Nick and Ashley leave Colorado to find her family, everything turns more lively.

Their road trip was what made me really engrossed into the story. This is when their personalities are truly shown and their love story begins. I liked how beautiful and romantic their love scenes were, and the sense of danger, coming from the President’s enemies, was what added spice to it. Nick is just an amazing man, who is loyal and protective, with his job he’s gone through a lot, and that’s why he’s very tough and serious on the outside. Besides, he’s been burned in his previous relationships and now doesn’t consider himself a boyfriend or husband material. But his love for Ashley is not something he can control, especially with Ashley’s determination to prove to him that everything is possible for them, no matter what, if they just follow their feelings.

Of course, happy ending is a sure thing here, and an epilogue was so sweet and romantic, I couldn’t have asked for more.

So of course, in the end I totally changed my mind about the story, I liked it a lot. It was a great quick read with an amazing love story, which left only positive feelings in me.