Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines


Title: Fallen Too Far

Series: Fallen Too Far, Book 1

Author: Abbi Glines

First published: December 14th 2012, Self-published

Edition: Ebook, 207 pages

Genre: Romance, drama

Age group: New Adult

Rating:  ★ ★ ★

Fallen Too Far (Fallen Too Far, #1)

19-year old Blaire Wynn is left all alone in her home in Alabama. Having spent all her money on her mom’s unsuccessful cancer treatment, Blaire doesn’t have anything. Her only remaining relative is her father who left for another woman a long time ago and didn’t care about Blaire or her mother.

But it’s Blaire’s only chance to get a place to stay so she takes upon her father’s agreement to stay with him and his other family for a while.

Blaire’s determined to get a job and save for her own place to be independent. But everything goes wrong from the very start, with her dad and his new wife being gone on vacation, and it’s actually her stepmother’s 24-year old son Rush Finley who she has to asks for a spare room to stay in.

Rush is not the type of guy Blaire ever had acquaintance with. His father is a popular rock star and Rush is very rich, spoiled and gorgeous. The last fact slowly affects Blaire more and more, but Rush doesn’t do relationships, he’s used to get a new girl every night.

Besides Blaire senses some sort of secret about Nan, her stepmother’s daughter and Rush’s sister. Nan seems to despise her for no reason and what hurts Blaire the most is that Rush tends to keep her side.

Both Rush and Blaire are keen to stay away from each other, but sparks start flying and tension is getting stronger, and soon these two find each other in Rush’s bed. Blaire’s sure not to expect anything more from Rush but he wants her and he’s going to prove it.

Blaire’s feeling for Rush get deeper with every passing day, but she can’t help wondering what will happen when her dad comes back or when Nan’s secret is revealed. Will all of this set her and Rush apart?

This book tells a story of a very complicated family. There’s an unfaithfulness, divorces, deaths and sibling hatred. I did feel sorry for Blaire a lot, I imagine what she had to go through at such a young age is really hard. But she is a strong heroine, a fighter. Blaire gives away everything to keep her mother alive and even when she dies, Blaire is hurt but not broken.

There’s only one thing that bothered me about Blaire, her low self-esteem, as she would always feel ashamed of her clothes, or her family or her appearance. Her needy behavior towards Rush, while a bit annoying, seemed pretty realistic to me. It’s her first serious relationship after all, it’s normal that she got swept away.

I didn’t particularly like Rush, though, but that’s only because his character wasn’t detailed enough. The only thing I learned from him is that he is rich, he has sex with different girls every night and he parties a lot. Then he spends one night with Blaire and now, surprisingly, he actually is ready for a relationship. That seemed kind of forced to me. And especially thinking about the ending of the story, no wonder Blaire wasn’t assured, too.

No matter the conflicts the story presents, it’s a very easy read. I didn’t particularly like it, but it was OK enough for me to check the sequel Never Too Far some time later and see what the ending will turn out to be, whether Blaire and Rush would get back together.