Boundless by Cynthia Hand

13049981Title: Boundless

Series: Unearthly, Book 3

Author: Cynthia Hand

Published: January 22nd 2013, HarperTeen

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

Age group: Young Adult

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Boundless (Unearthly, #3)


The past few years have held more surprises than part-angel Clara Gardner could ever have anticipated. Yet from the dizzying highs of first love, to the agonizing low of losing someone close to her, the one thing she can no longer deny is that she was never meant to live a normal life.

Since discovering the special role she plays among the other angel-bloods, Clara has been determined to protect Tucker Avery from the evil that follows her . . . even if it means breaking both their hearts. Leaving town seems like the best option, so she’s headed back to California – and so is Christian Prescott, the irresistible boy from the vision that started her on this journey in the first place.

As Clara makes her way in a world that is frighteningly new, she discovers that the fallen angel who attacked her is watching her every move. And he’s not the only one. . . . With the battle against the Black Wings looming, Clara knows she must finally fulfill her destiny. But it won’t come without sacrifices and betrayal.

In the riveting finale of the Unearthly series, Clara must decide her fate once and for all.

My review:

‘Boundless’ is the third and last book in the ‘Unearthly’ series, the fact I’m both happy and sad about. On the one hand it’s amazing, that Cynthia Hand didn’t try to prolong the story more than it was necessary, just for the sake of making more books. There are lots of book series out there, which don’t have quite as amazing stories, yet they consist of four and more installments. On the other hand, seeing that this series have become one of my favorite, I was really sad to see the end of it. I came to love the story and the characters so much, but the ending was really great and I’m quite satisfied with it, things did turned out just the way I was hoping for.

In ‘Boundless’ we follow Clara in college. She goes to Stanford University with Angels and Christian, and hopes to start over. There are a lot of sad things that happened to Clara in the second book – her mother died, her brother Jeremy ran away, and Clara had to break up with Tucker.

Being in college is all about Angela’s vision, though. She saw her, Clara and Christian being there together. But as the time passes, her vision gets clearer, and she also sees herself talking to her Italian boyfriend, angel Phen. Angela has to tell him something important, but she don’t know yet, what that is and why.

Meanwhile, Clara and Christian are trained by Clara’s father to use their powers, for them to be prepared for a possible battle in the future. Clara’s visions get more and more confusing. She sees herself in a dark room with Christian, hoping she won’t be found. There’s also smoke and noises. That is a driving Clara crazy and she tries some of Angela’s methods to bring visions on purpose.

At the same time Clara is very worried about her brother Jeremy. She finds him soon, but is not sure if he’s really alright. He now has a girlfriend, who bothers Clara for some reason. And also practically every Clara’s thought and dream are filled with Tucker, she misses him a lot, but she thinks he deserves a normal life with someone human, which she isn’t.

All the things happening in the beginning of the book are very mysterious and clearly interwoven, leading to the big fight. What I loved about the storyline, was that it was not solely action. There were some really dangerous moments for both Clara and Christian, where they almost got killed. Also a lot of mysteries to open up. Yet the book is all about emotion. It’s also mostly sadness, as it’s not only Clara who has to sacrifice the things she loves.

Angela is dealing with a great deal of hurt and drama. The book may be told from Clara’s point of view, but Angela was just as important character, because all the events are pretty much related to her. I wasn’t much of a fan of her before, but this book showed just how strong and admirable she really is. There are just so many tragedies that happened to her, that at some time I was sure there would be no happy ending for her. Gladly, I was wrong.

‘Boundless’ is also the book where the reader gets all the answers to the questions risen in the first two books, like what angel-bloods purposes really were about. The action scenes were amazingly written, and I, personally, was really impressed with the Hell description, it was so vivid and dark at the same time.

Also, in this book the main love-triangle of the series finally comes to solution. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but still, I was so happy with the way things turned out. If the whole book was totally amazing, the last pages of it first made me  cry, then I was so relieved, that all ended well, so that I loved the book even more.

So my verdict is – a great book, an amazing and captivating story, a series worth reading, and a very talented author.


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