Top Ten Settings I’d Like To See More Of (Or At All)

toptentuesday1Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week there’s a new topic within which you are to post your Top Ten List. This Tuesday the theme is:

Top Ten Settings I’d Like To See More Of (Or At All)

American-Road-Trip-1. Road trip

I was never a fan of this setting in a book, only in movies, but after reading The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski, I realized that a plot developing on the road can be very appealing and romantic.

paris-seine-view2. Paris

It’s one of the most romantic cities in the world. And while I’ve never been there, I’d like to at least read books about it and to picture it’s images in my mind, following a books portrayal.

Beach on Silhouette Island, Seychelles3. Beach

It’s only the middle of winter, but I’m already wishing for summer to come sooner. So while it’s still cold in my hometown I can pretend being on the beach with the characters of a book.

custom-Christmas-Decorating4. Christmas

It’s my most favorite time of the year, and while I’ve seen plenty of movies about this holiday, I’ve read only about a couple of books. Need to change this when Christmas comes again!

Aerial view - Trevi Fountain5. Rome

I love this city a lot. I’ve been there once, and I was really impressed with it’s architecture and people. There’s something almost magical about it, that is a great setting for some amazing book.

modernfamily-s2-0016. Family

I like books about families or family sagas, the ones to tell about family histories, their ups and downs and the connection and strength they have. The ones I really do like are all classics, but some contemporary stories would be more than welcomed.

Sun-Kissed Sydney, Australia7. Australia

I know there are lots of books available, written by Australian authors and set in Australia, I just haven’t got the time to read any of them yet. But this year I plan to change that. Australia has always been some kind of a mystery to me with it being so far away, I hope books will help me learn more about this country.

dystopia8. Dystopia

Yes, there are lots of books with this particular setting, but I really only liked Delirium by Lauren Oliver. So I just want to find some other series to affect me just as much.

dskiB6nk4VA9pmw20L9oN7I4tkO9. 1960s

I’ve read so many books about these years, and they were all amazing, like The Help or The Secret Life of Bees. It was a complicated time, but very important historically.

travel10. Travel

What is the best way to travel around the world for free? Yes, books! I want to read more books about travel or simply books written by authors from all around the globe about the places I’ve never been to.




23 comments on “Top Ten Settings I’d Like To See More Of (Or At All)

  1. stuckinva says:

    Rome is a beautiful place to visit, and I got a laugh over the fact that you used a picture of the Trevi Fountain as your representative picture of it. πŸ˜€

    • Oksana says:

      The Trevi Fountain is my most favorite place in Rome, so when I think of it, that’s the picture that first comes to my mind! πŸ™‚

      • stuckinva says:

        I always thought it was pretty, but our tour guide told us how Romans used to *hate* that fountain and it took the fountain being featured prominently in Two Coins in a Fountain for them to actually start to like it. πŸ˜€

      • Oksana says:

        Wow, that’s a really funny fact, I didn’t know it! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing! I guess it’s the same as with the Eiffel Tower, when it was built all the Paris citizens actually hated it, and now it’s the symbol of Paris!

  2. Lucy says:

    Love your list! I didn’t realize The Edge of Never had a road trip setting- I’m more excited to read it now. Travel in general is so interesting to me in books, and I’d also like to see more books set in Rome and Australia. Books with big families are fun to read too. Hope we see more of these settings!

    • Oksana says:

      I was really unsure whether I would like a road trip in a book, it’s very fun to watch in a movie, though. But I was surprised with the book, the road trip was a very entertaining setting and the romance that developed in it was an additional bonus.

  3. Loni says:

    Have you read The Thorn Birds? An excellent book set in Australia.

    If you like Christmas books, try the classic A Christmas Carol. It’s a slim volume. After reading it, it became so obvious why it has been made into so many different movies.

    • Oksana says:

      Yes, I read The Thorn Birds, and absolutely loved it. It’s not only set in Australia but also tells the story of a very big family, which is on my list too. A Christmas Carol has been on my TBR list for so long, I hope to finally read it this winter.

  4. Elizabeth D says:

    Great post. 100% agree with roadtrips. So much fun. Haven’t read edge of never yet but I really want to!!
    Same here with Christmas! I said I would read Christmas themed books this year and I never got to it. :/ maybe next year. Lol great post (:

  5. Road trips & Australia are on my list too! The 1960s would also be a really great setting! πŸ™‚ My list:

    • Oksana says:

      1960s are something of my most recent interest, but actually it’s the whole 20th century that is very appealing to me. Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

  6. Definitely agree with you on road trip, Rome, and Paris. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I do love Russian culture and the classics really are the best. I loved Anna Karenina and Crime and Punishment.

    ~Danica Page
    Taking it One Page at a Time

  7. Oksana says:

    Russian classics are really wonderful, I would also recommend War and Peace and anything by Alexander Pushkin.

  8. Krystianna says:

    I love books that take place in Paris! I also like books that take place during Christmas. There definitely should be more. It gets tiring reading the same ones every year.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  9. readerbuzz says:

    Yes to Rome! We’d hoped to visit Rome next summer, but a new roof will cause us to delay this another year. Sigh.

    Here’s my Top Ten Settings. Come by, if you can, and share your thoughts.

  10. Daisy Carter says:

    LOVE the idea of more family settings! So much drama behind closed doors!

  11. I do enjoy dystopias but I find that they are hit or miss for me. It has to be believable to a point or I get caught up in why it would even happen. Sigh. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you had a great Tuesday!

  12. Dystopia is almost here…

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