Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout


Title: Onyx

Series: Lux, Book 2

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Published: August 14th 2012, Entangled Publishing

Edition: ebook, 338 pages

Genre: Fantasy, romance

Age group: Young Adult

Rating: ★ ★ ★

Onyx (Lux, #2)

‘Onyx’ is the second book in the popular Young Adult fantasy ‘Lux’ series by Jennifer L.Armentrout. With the first one, ‘Obsidian’, ending after a very impressive fight scene between Luxen and Arum, the questions are still not answered and the mystery is more alive than ever. ‘Onyx’ takes start right after the fight and it’s first half is pretty much uneventful, and may seem pointless until you read the book till the end.

The main characters Katy and Daemon now have a new problem, aside from Arum. It’s a secret no one knows besides them, for after Katy was seriously hurt during the fight, Daemon had to use his powers to save her. And now they have to face unexpected consequences. First there’s developed a strange and powerful connection between the two of them, like they can feel each others presence from afar. But most importantly Katy comes to notices something strange about herself, too. It seems like she acquired the same powers Daemon possesses, as she would randomly move or freeze objects. It terrifies her to no end, but she’s afraid to tell anybody, especially Daemon, who has to focus on protecting his sister Dee.

The help for Katy comes unexpectedly from a new boy in school, Blake Saunders. He knows all about the things Katy’s dealing with, because once he was saved by a Luxen, too. It’s very rare and forbidden for the Luxen to heal humans, because when this happens, humans will mutate. Their DNA would change, thus giving them the abilities only a Luxen is capable of. But it’s highly dangerous for a human to manage this power, to control it. Some can’t make it and would destroy themselves. Blake doesn’t want it to happen, he wants to help Katy and to teach her to control herself.

Their trainings go on with Katy’s indifference to Daemon’s disapproval. There is something about Blake that sets Daemon off, but Katy wouldn’t listen. But everything gets even more complicated when Daemon and Katy learn that the DOD’s main interest is not specifically the Luxen, but the mutated humans, and Katy may probably already be on their radar.

I’ve passed onto this story right after I finished ‘Obsidian’ and while I was impressed with the first one, with this story not so much. I can’t remember a case where I would read a book and be engrossed in it’s plot, yet feel completely indifferent towards the characters.

That’s how I felt about ‘Onyx’. Though the first half of the story was boring and made my eyes roll at scenes with Katy and Daemon, I was still intrigued about this whole new development with the mutated humans and the DOD’s interest in them. The fight scenes were very impressive and I can’t say that this cliff-hanger in the end didn’t hook me up on reading the next installment. Of course, I guessed about Blake being untrustworthy from the beginning, his sudden appearance and know-it-all attitude were very suspicious. But all in all the story’s plot turned really unexpectedly and now there’s even more mystery and questions about it than after ‘Obsidian’. I’m really interested what would happen next in ‘Opal’.

My main problem about ‘Onyx’ was Katy and pretty much every other character. Is it possible that mutation for Katy meant not only obtaining some power but also a complete personality change? It’s no longer the Katy from the first book, the one to gush about books and her blog, to spend time with her friends or her mom. That Katy was a really nice person. But I can’t stand the way she became in ‘Onyx’. She was illogical, reckless, stubborn and rude. She became obsessed with her powers and training, and the whole story was pretty much about her adamant desire to become Daemon’s equal. I didn’t like how distant she became with everyone, even Dee, but suddenly it was all about Blake for her, and it was really off for me. Whatever danger Blake would inflict on her, Kate would still trust him. And the way she acted with Daemon, you would think he was the demon incarnate. The person who saved her life and tried to protect her apparently wasn’t worth Katy’s time, but a suspicious boy with a dark past becomes her go-to person.

Katy and Daemon’s romance was just unappealing to me. The whole book through Katy would act like it’s just their connection due to the healing that actually made them want each other. She would push Daemon away, only to come to a realization it’s real love and almost have sex with him all in one scene in the very end of the book. Well, knowing there are more books to come in this series I would rather have a slower yet a more realistic pace than these rushed love confessions.

All the other characters were pretty much unremarkable, and all of them, even Daemon, were in Katy’s shadow. And by the end of the book I came to a realization that there’s nothing to turn me back to like Katy or Daemon or care about their love line. I’m more interested about the ending of this Luxen-Arum-DOD confrontation.


2 comments on “Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout

  1. Alicia♥ says:

    Aww :/ I enjoyed Obsidian immensely, especially its alien retelling and quirky humour! Maybe Onyx isn’t the best sequel to follow up Katy and Daemon, but I like your honest review 🙂

    • Oksana says:

      I just really liked the story and I will definitely read the next installment. Maybe I will come to like Katy and Daemon again, who knows. This story is really interesting no matter what!

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